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Economic Modelling

Most useable and useful models are relatively simple filters that convert quantities you can grasp intuitively into dollar values…. This is very different from the physics or engineering you were brought up on, where models predict behavior accurately.

— Emanuel Derman, Columbia University

The economics of any business decision are essential to understand and very often difficult to determine. Yet success or failure hinges on the quality of forecasts and analysis.

This is particularly true in our current economic situation.

FinEx analyzes the economic factors most important to your particular business operations. Supply and demand, pricing, microeconomic factors, demographics, product development and launch, market economics, and financial economics all influence the evironment in which any company operates.

FinEx Company can help you understand the key economic conditions affecting your business.

Forecasting, analysis, and research into those economic questions of most importance to you are all areas of FinEx expertise.