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Strategic Planning

The entire realm of strategy is pervaded by a paradoxical logic of its own.

— Edward N. Luttwak

Strategic business planning is a necessary but often too difficult function of successful management.  As important as it is, planning is one of the most misunderstood and poorly executed business activities.

Many companies have bad experiences when it comes to business planning. Strategic planning often results in a vague Powerpoint presentation with next-to-useless generic advice.  Our all time-favorite piece of expensive advice:  “make more money.”

Most companies lack the staff skilled in strategic planning.  Many consulting firms do little more than offer canned strategic thinking.  This can lead clients to question the value of the strategic planning process, much to their detriment.

Planning is not a guarantee of success, but the failure to plan effectively can be costly and contributes to failure more often than not.  Planning is especially important during times of economic stress and uncertainty.

Effective planning can make the difference between success and failure.  FinEx knows the difference between effective and poor planning.  Let us help you understand the difference, too.